Achieve your yoga and fitness goals the fast and personal way! Remove all the stresses that come with scheduling a yoga class into your busy life! Say goodbye to sitting in traffic, and walking into class late and frustrated and enjoy yoga classes where you want them, when you want them, and customized specifically for you! Sign up for weekly classes at a discounted rate, or plan a group class with friends! Enjoy the luxury of having a fully insured personal yoga instructor come to you!


Although we have suggestions on what kind of services you might enjoy, the options are limitless! Can you think of another way you and/or your friends would enjoy custom yoga classes, let us know!


Personal & Customized Yoga Class in the comfort of your home or office

Couples Yoga - Practice with your loved one!

Prenatal Yoga - A specialized sequence for your ache & pains!

Outdoor Yoga - No need to be stuck indoors!

Group Yoga - The options are limitless!

Guided Meditation can also be added onto any yoga session!

Have an idea for a yoga class not mentioned? Lets us know!

Personal classes

At home; office; vacation spots

Try one class, or sign up for weekly training! Totally up to you!

We also offer customized written instructions for individuals who are looking to deepen their practice on their own! (Free when you enroll in weekly classes)

Group classes

Corporate yoga classes with your coworkers. Increase productivity and health in your office!

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. Treat your bridal party to a wonderful and luxurious gift of private yoga lessons! "Get loose before your night of booze!" 

Or a brunch & mimosas afternoon followed by some stretching & toning!

outdoor classes

Alone or with friends and family

Try a yoga class at your favorite beach or park; inhale the fresh air!

How about in your front yard, roof top, or by your pool? No babysitters/pet sitters required!


benefits of yoga

The best part about having your own personal yoga instructor is that the class is entirely customized to you and your needs. Yoga is known for not only toning the body but also preventing injuries, and alleviating pain and discomfort. You can customize your session to aid for many of the following reasons...



overall health

weight loss

toning of muscles




recovery and protection from injury

increases all physical performance

fixes and relieves back pains

aids in digestion problems

soothes and lubricates stiff joints



mental relaxation

reduced stress

promotes energy

reduced tiredness

increases focus


Cost and pricing

This service can be enjoyed as a daily or weekly luxury to be incorporated into your daily lifestyle.

Or enjoyed as a gift or surprise for your favorite yogi, family members, and friends. 

Cost per person decreases with each yogi attending class! So plan a group class today! 

(Prices depend on length of class and travel time)


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meet your personal instructor

Kristen Thiess studied yoga in Rishikesh (the yoga capital of the world) located in the foothill of the Himalayas in Northern India.

Her dedication and desire to helping her clients is unmatched. She is certified with the internationally recognized credentialing association known as the Yoga Alliance.


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